04 April 2006

Snow Brown and 360 dwarves

Snow Brown and 360 Dwarves. Click here for the article, this is for you GSL

This is a great article about one of the shortest actors of India (76 cm height). What is sad is how he was ridiculed by a headmaster who refused him admission into his school. That's so horrible. Somebody who is supposed to spread knowledge is instead discriminating against the vertically challenged. I wonder how many other educators push away people who might be good students based on the fact that they are different.
I remember going to school in Delhi and being dressed down by one of the teachers for putting my shoelaces on the wrong way. Trying to escape the uniformity of dress, I was trying to change the only thing I could about the uniform. Of course the uniform code did not say anything about how one could wear ones' laces so this teacher was just taking out her bad day on me. Luckily I was only temporarily attending that particular school and could give the lady the proverbial finger. What was up with her showing off her lack of excercise in a very revealing sari anyway? Should have asked her if that was against the uniform code.. should have been against some sort of basic human code though.


Vinoy said...

Its great to see ajay kumar (he is known as 'pakru' in kerala - didnt know his name was ajay kumar) achieving success and even getting his dream girl!
However, the movie - Athbutha dweep was NOT a box office hit and it was a terrible and really ridiculous movie. I went to see it the first week and the packed movie hall had gone down to 5 people by the end of the movie (myself included but thats because i fell asleep)
I cannot believe somebody in hollywood wants to make that movie.

Mosilager said...

Thanks for finally breaking your silence Vinoy... are you looking forward to July in Arizona? I've long ago given up trusting the BBC / CNN in anything that they say :)