12 April 2006

Kill a male, no jail, kill a deer, 5 year

Salman gets 5 yrs RI, sent to Jodhpur jail

Well... this actor Salman Khan gets 5 years in jail for killing an endangered species of deer... however he gets nothing for driving drunk and killing several people a few years ago. What is the difference between the 2 cases? The tribe that considers the deer special could not be bribed into dropping their charges, unlike the homeless witnesses to the earlier crime.


freespirit said...

I hate salman khan eitherways. Deer or no Deer. The dude can't act, cant drive, can't dance. I mean...all he does is flick his shirt off and gets paid some obscene amount of money for it. So, yeah...i don't mind seeing his sorry ass in jail for a bit!

Mosilager said...

You're totally right. I've been irritated with him since the whole drunk driving / stalking / deer killing incident. I hoped he would stop acting but no chance of that. Apparently, people who know him say that he is very generous but irresponsible... maybe bipolar disease or something?