14 March 2006

Polygamy is OK

Ha ha shocked you didn't I? Apparently there are a bunch of US citizens living in the state of Utah who believe that the Flat-Earth society 1950 years ago gave them the right to marry multiple wives. And they use that right, with the authorities unwilling to counter it. Polygamy is also sanctioned in Islam, but there are strict rules for when it is possible, which are practically impossible to enforce and are often NOT. To keep such an unequal system in place, most of the women who participate in it are kept away from a modern education, told all sorts of lies about a woman's place and power in society, and basically are treated like second class citizens. Now I am no authority on any of these religions, but I can report that an Islamic scholar told me that polygamy was allowed in his religion because in a healthy society, there are always more women than men. (Of course this was before the sex of the baby was known prior to birth). It was a system devised to keep the extra women from being lonely and "sinning". Mmm... sure my friend. Islam allows 1:4 man:woman whereas in the population it's 1:1.1 or so. Somebody got their mathematics wrong. Well, maybe not, if about 10-20% of the men are polygamists, there will be no lonely women. Except of course in China and parts of northern India, where there are actually less women than men in the population.

I am of course all for polygamy, as long as androgamy is also freely practised. Why should only a guy be able to have multiple wives? Why can't a woman also have multiple husbands? Now I do come from a country which has in the past practiced both forms, right now it is one man one wife officially for about 75% of the population. (Muslims are exempt from this and go by shariah.) Now I have no idea why someone would sign up to take care of even one wife or husband, according to me you would run out of things to talk about in approximately 1 month, but, hey, people do it for many many years so they probably do not get bored of each other. That is one mystery that I have not cracked yet, but if my parents have their say I'll have to find a solution as soon as I have a job.

This is one of those sad issues where I feel that the women involved should speak up and kick the rear ends of the guys who polygamise them. Unfortunately in many cases the women themselves perpetuate the system by teaching their children that it is fine. Again, I think that this is due to a lack of knowledge about women's rights and religious indoctrination. "God wants me to do it" syndrome.


Mansoora said...

Good post Ranjit. Yah whynot have woman marry more than one man??

As far as I know..the reason in Islam they allowed such a practice was that it started during wartime..in which many married woman with kids would become widows with orphans..Then was marrying another woman allowed so that there was a male to help rear the children (as woman back then worked at home).

Rajesh Warrier said...

I guess the number of Poligamists is definitely not on the rise (if not decreasing)... But yeah the society has been shaped such that androgamy is non-existent (or atleast they claim)

Rohini said...

I could do with a few more husbands. Then I can divide up the chores between them and relax myself.

Mosilager said...

I don't quite know about that rohini... speaking as a guy, each husband would be like another child... you could tell him what to do but the chance that it gets done correctly is... 0

Mohib said...

Talking of polygamy, check out this guy.