06 March 2006

Blu-Ray or HD-DVD?

So... the next generation DVD format. I'm taking sides and I vote for HD-DVD. Why? Well, it's better. It's region-free, and not supported by SONY. This year I've been extremely anti-SONY after the whole rootkit fiasco as well as their portable mp3 player which looks good but is non-functional. Any company that wants to assume that its customers are a bunch of thieving robbers should not be allowed to set the standards for anything!

OK, so for those who have not been following the whole Hi-Definition story, the successor to DVDs has been announced. There are 2 formats right now, with different companies behind each. Sony's is called BluRay and Toshiba's is called HD-DVD. Both are designed with the manufacturer's licensing fees in mind, as well as having some control over how customers use the DVDs. I don't trust the Sony one because their decisions in the past have been anti-customer, most notably when they put software on their CDs that behaved like a virus and controlled how and where a customer could listen to music that they had bought, not to mention slowing down their computer and exposing it to all sorts of potential viruses.
They also make a very good looking portable music player, but you can only transfer music to it on one computer, using their extremely slow software, and they want to know about it when you do. This is ridiculous. If I have a portable music player I want it to be portable! I want to download class lectures from my linux box and my pc and maybe even my lab's macs to listen to. I also want to listen to my guitar play mp3s without being told where and when to do them. Bad sony!

So as you can imagine, I am fairly angry with sony this year. Maybe they will reform and decide that customers are important. But probably not. So, HD-DVD then is what I support, and I think sony should be banned from making standards of any sort for a long time. Why do these companies think that people should throw money at them and not get anything in return? The problem with sony is that they are into movies and music as well, and computers and mp3 players have put recording studios who act as the middlemen between the artists and the public in jeopardy. Now I can release one of my songs on the internet, stick a paypal icon on my website and I don't need the recording company for anything. That's really what sony is trying to protect, their excessive profits from music and movies, at the cost of degrading the experience of the consumer in watching / listening.

What I really hate is that they are taking the magic away from listening to music and watching movies.

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lova said...

Hey, Soprano's launch kicked ass and I am actually not that much into the series but Dang !As a fan, You need to post a recap or a poll of what is coming up next. Is Tony dead and the rest of the show is a flashback ? Is he going to start to talk like Brando because of his wound ? We need to know this !!