26 February 2006

You're a verb? You must be doing something right

These days people talk about Googling something. For those who have been living in a cave for the past few years, "Googling" means looking something up on the internet. One of the statements of universal truth that I have heard is that if you're being spoken of as a verb, you must be doing something right. Today I heard someone say that he was going to Cesar a dog. I assume this means that he is going to use Cesar Milan's dog handling techniques to teach the dog to behave well. That man is doing something right. Purists may dislike his approach, but they work. I'm a great fan of Cesar's because he's rehabilitated many problem dogs who would otherwise have been put down. For the non-dog people out there, it's a matter of great heartbreak to owners if they have a dog that gets taken away or put to death. Well, Cesar's methods work, and they've saved many people from depression.

I've come a long way from knowing nothing about dogs last year this time to actually being related to two now, ha! Thanks to Cesar Milan and several dog books, and of course BooBoo, Ginga and their assorted relatives :)


NekoFuzzic said...

heh, i know i make up words all the time...
i'll be like "let's go verb-ing"! or the like *nods*

but i do agree, that if a noun becomes a verb, it's definitely done something right as far as publicity goes.

- Vicky

lova said...

in french, that could be translated as "J'ai fait une cesarienne" which could be confused with performing a c-section on someone :-).
My sis often said " You completely lova'ed that project" which meant "ruined it with total neglect". So that was the exception to the rule, I guess :-).

Mosilager said...

Well even negative publicity is good, as Paris Hilton etc. will tell you.