21 February 2006

Dell, what the Hell?

Dell, what the hell? Apparently, Dell computers are suing a guy called Paul Dell for setting up a website in 2001 called dellwebsites.com. Paul Dell is a website designer, has nothing to do with computer hardware, doesn't use any symbols on his site that look like Dell. Probably Dell will lose the case, but the cost of defending himself may prove too much for the guy. The owners of Dell computers are unaware that there may be other people with the same last name as Michael Dell, the founder. Not a company I would trust to make a computer for me. Anyway, the quality of Dells has gone down so much in the past year, with lots of people I know whose computers crashed conveniently right after the warranty period ended, that it's probably not worth buying a dell at all. It's literally Hell. At least until they stop trying to steal website names from other people, or they improve their product. Some of Paul's friends have set up a blog with updates, best of luck to them. If this goes on, then I can imagine lots of people being sued for having names that happen to be trademarks of some corporate entity. When will it stop? I hope the courts award all the money dell is asking for to Paul Dell, along with compensation for making money from his name on their websites.


Mansoora said...

Exactly..Dell what the hell. I'm with you on that one...dumb company. I'm ashamed to have a computer from them :(

Mosilager said...

Well I like mine a lot, it's 2 years old but still running fine. Runs anything I throw at it. If it breaks down I can always use it as a lethal weapon. I think it weighs 10 lbs at least. Yours is probably one of the reliable computers as well.