06 February 2006

American football world cup?

Despite spending about a decade in the U.S., I haven't been able to understand U.S. sports. Well, I understand them, but I don't enjoy watching at all. You see, I always compare them to cricket and football, and they fall woefully short.

Baseball is really limited when you compare it to cricket, there seem to be only 2 ways to hit the ball and since the ball doesn't bounce, there's only 3 ways to throw it (as far as I understand). Too limited, and it's hard to cheer for some team from some state somewhere in the U.S. I mean if it is Bulgaria versus Ireland or something then I could find a team to cheer for but given the limited scope of the teams playing and the small number of variations in the game, I could never follow it.

Basketball is OK, but again, very limited when compared to football. The object of the game is to score more points than the other team, but despite having a full court to play on, there is no midfield whatsoever. Not even a pretence of one. The team that doesn't have the ball defends in their D all the time. No wonder everyone keeps scoring, they have hundreds of points scored all the time and the main thing seems to be for one or two players to throw the ball from inside the other team's D. I mean if you get that close and there's no goalkeeper then there's nothing stopping you. Usually the team that loses is the one that fails to do a return score because they mess up for some reason. So I haven't been able to appreciate basketball either. They really have to get rid of those time-outs. For no reason each team can stop the game at any time that they want... a total of 6 times per game. Ridiculous.

American football just seems to be an excuse for advertisements to be shown. Each team is composed of two teams, when they lose the ball they actually switch to the backup team. A whole backup team, it's crazy. And they keep stopping the game for no reason (other than the aforementioned advertisements). The name of the game itself is annoying, as they never seem to let the ball leave their hands. They only kick it some of the time, and it's not even a ball, it is some sort of oval contraption. A ball by definition has to be round. The other thing is that the coach seems to communicate with the team the whole time that they are playing. Now where I come from the coach's job is to train the team and it's up to the team to use those tactics on the field. It's very strange. If they found a way to reduce the stoppages, it might be a better game. But then, why not just play rugby?

So I haven't been able to understand how to appreciate any of the US sports yet, but I am trying. The other annoying thing is that their annual finals are always called the world series or world cup or something to do with the world, however, no one else in the world plays the game! It's absurd. They could call it the North American trophy, it would be more accurate. Of course you probably cannot find any other country willing to play the game ha ha ha. Not enough advertisers :)

I am trying however to appreciate the finer points of these games, I might learn to enjoy them and if I do I shall proudly eat crow on this very blog. My time is short though, as I'll leave the country as soon as I get the degree. Have to see more countries, and I'm dying for the lack of quality cricket and football and not to mention sunshine and warmth. Anyway, during the superbowl, which is sort of a US final for American Football, two teams are playing and I'm supporting one that has some guy called Farrior in it. I figure that he's a long lost misspelt cousin of mine or something. Lova is supporting the other team because that has a Loofa in it. Such are the things we resort to to enjoy the game. Anyway the Farriers are defeating the Loofas approximately 2-1 right now. It's a little hard to tell though, because each goal is about 7 points and it's unneccessarily complicated. Anyway I'm calling it 2-1 for the Farriors right now. Ha, Zambia/India beats Madagscar/France with about 20 minutes left in the game?


Mansoora said...

so bulgaria and ireland? how come?

nice commentary on US sports. I guess growing up here has made me appreciate basketball for the most part..but I'm a big fan of soccer as well.

Mosilager said...

I don't know, just came up with random countries. i realised later that those were the countries at the Quidditch world cup. Bulgaria got the snitch, but Ireland won. Go Green!

Chris Choney said...

Well, my friend, The Farriors won! Sorry to your friend who was supporting the Lofa's. ha, ha, ha....
I was thinking about your comment on why my countrymen call many of our sports events finals, "World this" and "World that". This country has an ocean on each side of it. To the north we have Canada, and to the south we have Mexico. For many, they believe that this country is the center of the world. Its sad, but I believe it to be true.
I was in Germany (Deutchland) when the Yugoslavian war broke out. I was a college student at the time, and it was a major event in our worlds history. When I returned to college in Texas, would you believe that the majority of my fellow students weren't even aware that a war had broke out in Europe?
It is hard to deny the arrogance my country shows at times on the world stage. It saddens me. My hope is that one day, we will be seen as a good neighbor in the world. Hope you are well Ranjit Warrier.

Mosilager said...

Hi Chris, I'm a regular reader of your blog and it's nice that you visited, thanks! I was actually about to blog about just the issue that you were speaking about, of course from an "Indian" perspective :) From what I understand from speaking to my American friends, they are taught from a very young age in schools that the USA is the best country to live in, and that the US democracy is the best and so on. Various writers have also commented that the decision-makers in the US have felt that they have been chosen by some supreme being to be Americans and enjoy the privileges that other countries do not. It is also difficult for most Americans to travel to other countries and get exposed to other points of view. If I would have my way, all school kids would be required to spend at least 6 months in a different country, if only to get away from the official propaganda machine of their own countries. Maybe then we will truly have a world where being respectful of others is more important than temporary monetary gains.