27 January 2006

MPAA Accused of Piracy

DailyTech - MPAA Accused of Motion Picture Piracy: "MPAA Accused of Motion Picture Piracy"

Ha! Apparently those guys who make 18$ profit from 0.25$ DVDs and try to sue their customers out of existence also pirated a movie. They claim that they were right to do it because the director of the dvd followed their reviewers around and spied on them. So I guess it's legal to download their movies because they spy on (and identify) people who download movies. Since they also claim that the people who make the software that allows files to be shared are responsible for what gets downloaded, I guess the people who make the movies are also responsible for what gets downloaded. I really don't understand those guys. Why make the customers angry? Why steal from the customers? Why send customers to jail? Those be some strange people. Anyway, here's a really good website for those who think the MPAA is unethical:

MPAA got owned

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